Jul 22, 2014

The End of Idaho.

The last couple of days, we've been extremely busy packing, finishing up school and saying our good byes to friends and family.  This weekend, we had a Saturday packed with activities.  So let me share them with you!  !Gracias por visitar mi blog! (Thanks for visiting my blog).

Farmer's Market, Shooting and Football Game.

Farmer's Market. Getting some fresh goodies.


This is where you get some Agua Frescas "Mexican Drinks" and yummy corn on the cob.
It was pretty crowded and hot, so we didn't get a chance to get corn, so we decided to get a treat.  So we went to Great Harvest, the best bakery in town.

Ready for some yummies.
Our favorite is the Berry Bars and their sourdough bread.
After walking off our breakfast and our treat we decided to shoot our new gun that we had purchased.  We finally had a chance to try it out, and well, it was my wife that took the first shot.  

You don't want to mess with this woman.  Special Agent Morales.
And then there's me.  We love going shooting and trying new guns.  

We had tons of fun.

Kyle's Football Game

Our day was just getting started so we attended Kyle's football game, my sister-in-law's husband.  It was their first home game.  It was fun to watch a local football game and support them.

Kyle practicing his kicks.

Pops and Braxton, he's such a fun little guy.
Meanwhile, mom relaxing watching her booger face.

I'm obviously not a professional photographer since you can see my shadow, ha.

Big boys on the field.

Ready to attack!  They just need to pass #93.
Oops...maybe that was too hard of a push.


We've been extremely blessed by those around us.  Family, friends, and people who just really care about us.  We will miss this state and all the beautiful places that we've been to.  We are excited to move forward to our next adventure in Graduate School.  Thank you again for visiting my blog.  I will post again about my graduation this week in getting my Bachelor's in Civil Engineering, so stay tuned!  Once again....¡Gracias!

Photo of the week

My wife loves this barn.