Aug 16, 2014

7 Things We Will Miss About Idaho

Moving back to Texas has been a great experience so far for me and my wife.  However, there are some things I wish we would've been able to pack in our suitcases.  So we came up with 7 things that we will miss about Idaho.

7. Potatoes

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     If you've ever been to Five Guys, or any place where they sell fries, the chances are the potatoes were shipped from Idaho.  These starchy, nutritious produce is the 4th largest crop in the US.  They come in all shapes (probably not was big as the picture above, but pretty close) and colors.  Since the Idaho region is great for potato farming, you get great deals on potatoes, which we found out when we moved down to Texas.  Steak and potatoes, hash-browns, or even funeral potatoes will never taste the same.  Not to mention, the cost, and the taste are much less satisfactory than eating potatoes in Idaho.

6. Clean Fresh Water

     Most of Idaho is a desert, so water is a luxury in many places, but in the northern parts such as Couer d’Alene, water is rich and fresh.   Although in many places (in the country) you have access to clean, fresh-tasting water.  Nearly all of the fresh rainwater begins its journey up in the mountains of Wyoming and travels south to Idaho. Idaho water is fresh and delicious.  If you have always lived in a big city, you won't be able to understand until you try fresh, clear mountain water.  I recommend it to you.  Texas water tastes like a pool, even after filtering it.

5. Fresh Produce

     When you begin to think about where food comes from, before it reaches your local grocery store, you start to appreciate the value of fresh produce.  Idaho's weather conditions allow farming to be the main income for many residents in the state.  Farmer's markets can be found in almost any city in Idaho providing fresh and delicious produce.  The southern counterparts we've visited here, are so far underwhelming.

4. White Christmas

Photo by Brent Lindsay (my UNCLE! check out his gallery).
     After farming season is over, it starts getting cold and if you live in the north of the U.S. and get snow during Christmas, you'll understand how snow makes the holiday season special.  The cold can be torturing at times, but when you encounter wildlife in the winter and the rays of the sun delicately resting on the white crisp snow, your coldness disappears. 

3. Summer Weather

     The cold eventually stops and even though sometimes it feels like we skip Spring and go right into the summer, we can't complain.  Living in Texas before experiencing a summer in Idaho was a shock.  The humidity was gone, and my skin began to dry and I spent more money on hand lotion than drinking water (ok, it's not that bad), but they were pretty dry.  However, when summer came, this dryness that I was complaining about became my best friend.  You can walk around the park and have no drops of sweat and if for some reason it's too hot for you, all you have to do is go down to your basement and cool down.  We will definitely miss this, and the basements.

2. No Bugs

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     All the humidity also means lots of bugs (Warning: if you are afraid of bugs, you can skip this section).  It's too cold for bugs to live in Idaho.  Ok, enough said.

1. Mountains and Lanscape

I left this one for last, because it's the thing that we will miss the most.
Photo by Frank Kovalchek (Flickr)
     The breathtaking mountains with magnificent trees and clear rivers running in the valleys have made this state one of the best ones in the country.  Perfect for going hunting, hiking trails, and camping. 

Photo by Charles Knowles (Flickr)

There are many other things that we will miss about Idaho.  For example, less crowded cities, less traffic, using cruise control, relatively less crime, and other great things that we will always wish we had in the south metropolitan cities.  The best part is that we still have family there and we plan on visiting often.

I hope you enjoyed this post!  If you have any other suggestions as to what you miss about Idaho or even the state you moved from, don't forget to comment below.  (If you want to see more pictures about the beautiful state of Idaho, check this post or visit my Uncle's photo gallery here).

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#1Mom said...

Lol. Enjoying your beautiful ID. It's been hard to find fishing places and cell phone reception can be limited outside if town. The potatoes are great. Which I could take some of this dirt back home to my garden. Lol

Noe Morales said...

Hi! Thank you for your comment! It is a beautiful state.