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I obtained my Bachelor's Degree from BYU-Idaho in Civil Engineering in 2014.

I am currently pursuing a Master's Degree from Texas A&M and possibly a PhD since I am interested in teaching later in my career.

Civil Engineering

I picked engineering because it's challenging, it allows me to use my creativity, express my ideas, workout real problems, make other people's life easier and well....I feel that it's a secure job in this economy.

Millau Vidauct in France, my favorite bridge.

However, I am interested in the Geotechnical Engineering discipline of Civil Engineering.  It is the study of soil's behavior, foundation, and its design to ensure that structures are built safe and sound.

Tall buildings must have a strong foundation.


     I have also been involved in an organization for Civil Engineers.  I served as a Vice President and a President of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Chapter while attending BYU-Idaho.  I helped create a website for the organization to use for its activites, announcements, and other events.


Senior Capstone

For my Senior Capstone Project, we worked with the City of Idaho Falls to come up with an alternative intersection design for 1st and Holmes Ave.  We were able to work with the City Engineer and gave a presentation to a city council.

We also participated on a Research and Creative Works Conference at BYU-Idaho and got 1st Place for our Research.  (See photos here)

ArcGIS Final

For my GIS course, I created a poster to illustrate the Landslide that occurred in Oso, Washington by using ArcGIS and other tools that I learned in this course.

ArcGIS Project on the Oso, Washington Landslide (2013)

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