Aug 7, 2014

Welcome to Texas...our new home!

Hi! Thank you again for visiting my blog.  It's been quite an adventure preparing and driving to our new home, but we made it and a new chapter of our life has just started.


Our Move to Texas!

The preparation

After I graduating from Brigham Young University-Idaho, it was time to finish packing and wait for the departure date.  On our final days in Idaho, we tried to do last minute trips to places we were going to miss and meet with friends and family.  It was sad to say goodbye to people knowing that we won't see them for a couple of years; specially our nephew Braxton, who will most likely be walking by the time we see him again.  My father-in-law who has been so supportive and all those who have helped us in any way possible.  

Once we had packed everything, it was time to hit the road...early.
Preparing to leave at 4:30 a.m.

The route

This was not the first time driving to Texas.  Last time we did it in less that 24 hrs, and we will not do it again.  So we decided to break it up into two days, stopping at Amarillo, TX and the off to College Station, TX.  It was early in the day...dark early, 4:30 a.m. and everything was great until...

Oh Deer!

About 50 miles on the road, driving through Palisades, our little deer friend had a surprise for us and appeared in front of the truck, hit the front of the truck that my in laws were driving pulling our stuff.  

This was obviously the last thing we expected.  We surprised since we had prayed that our trip would be safe.
The deer hit the left side of the truck; damaging the fender and part of the radiator.
But the show must go on and we continued our journey.  Still shocked and saddened, our blood pressure rose like a roller coaster every time we saw deer signs. But we kept our faith and a positive attitude - besides, statistically, nothing worse could happen after this.  We had deep and uplifting conversation along the way of how God works.  Why were we hit by a deer if we prayed?  We later recognized that no one was hurt, and it could've been worse.  We spoke about trusting the Lord, even when bad things happen to us.  That He has a plan for us and we must trust Him as long as we do what we are supposed to do.  

So this is what we did as we continued our drive across the country. 
Fueling in Wyoming....we were in this state for a loooong time.
Mom and the our tough truck.
Mile-high Stadium in Denver, Co.

Losing our fender, an hour, but not our excitement.

We knew we were going to lose an hour of sleep, but we made it to our first stop in Amarillo, TX., which was a nice place, even though we were only there to spend the night.  We got about 4 hours of sleep and headed south towards College Station to make it to our check-in appointment.  Along the way, we saw many small towns.

Leaving Amarillo, Tx early in the morning.

Nice sunrise.  The spots are the graves of bugs from all across the country.

Some towns were desolate.

Some towns were "functional" (Memphis, Tx.)

Finally, we saw the signs we wanted to see.  Bryan/College Station. The drive was long but we were getting closer to our destination.

That's where we are going.

The Lone Star State!!!

Our arrival to College Station brought mixed emotions.  We knew were going to miss Idaho, for so many reasons and one of them was obvious as were were unpacking.   With high humidity and over 95 degrees, we were missing our home back in Idaho.  But this is what we decided to do, and after prayer, fast and pondering, we felt like the Lord wanted us here.  

A new chapter in our lives will begin.  I will work on my Master's Degree, and possibly a Ph.D., if possibilities arise.  Our next move will hopefully after I get a job and our lives are more settled.  We've learned through experience that the hardest things in life are those that bring the most reward.  We plan to sacrifice now so one day we won't have to.  As we saw a sign one day,  "If you do the things that you need to do when you need to do them, then someday, you can do the things you want to do when you want to do them."  May you also do the same so you one day enjoy the fruits of your hard work.

What has been a big change in your life?  Have you seen the fruits of your hard work and sacrifice?  Comment below and give us your opinion.  Thanks for visiting my blog and as always....¡Gracias!