Jul 17, 2014

Saturday Hike! Alaska Basin and Devil's Staircase

I hope you guys enjoyed my last post and all the pictures that we took.  We had a blast!  Don't forget to put your email on the right sidebar to get email updates of my posts!  Once again...Gracias!

Hiking Time!

Ever since I moved to Idaho for school and met my gorgeous wife, I have fallen in love with the outdoors.  My wife loves going hiking, road trips, and just going for walks.  So before we leave Idaho, we planned our last hike.  This hike has some sentimental meaning.  Around 3 years ago, this was the first time I had met my wife's parents, and it was hiking.   So I had to be fit in order to impress the in-laws.  It worked!  The first picture here was 3 years ago during the summer break.

This was at the same hike, August 2011. 

We had a great time that day and I will always remember it.  So we went again to remember those days.  This time we brought a friend along with us, my in-laws' co-worker, Carl.  Here are some pictures that we took during the hike.

Groupie before we head up.
"Abandon hope all ye who enter here"

Selfie time.

Found some pooches along the trail.

Selfie with my wife...wait, selfies are only for one person right? Twofies? Anyway....us.

Taking a quick break.

Devil's Staircase.  They're a beast!
Lunch time!

What happened to the trail? Nah, who needs a trail anyway?

Not sure how far we've gone at this point.

Making our way back down the stairs.

Down we go. Beautiful view.
We were exhausted at this point.

Almost there!

Everything's flat now. A diet coke sounds sooo good right now, and a big fatty burger. Five Guys?
We made it!
It was definitely fun to do this hike again.  Too bad Texas won't have these kind of mountains.