Jun 14, 2014

The World Cup is Here


Courtesy of FIFA.com/Getty Images

If you have not heard that the World Cup started yesterday, you must be living under a rock...or just have not turned the TV or even checked your Web newsite.  It is the 2nd biggest sports event in the world after the Olympics.  Why?  Well, because it brings together all of the best soccer players not only in the U.S. but in the whole WORLD.  You can obviously tell that I love soccer, and how can I not love this sport?   I started playing since before I can even remember, probably 4 or so, with cans, rocks, or whatever we could find that was round enough to roll.  But what about this World Cup, well, it's a month of pure soccer talent and lots of snacking in front of the TV, in other words, no work gets done.

The first game was Brazil vs Croatia, and what a game!  Brazil was disappointing, but as every World Cup game, you have the magic of a Brazil's star to the rescue, in this case, Neymar.  First, Marcelo scored an own goal (Real Madrid player, and not Barcelona of course).  Neymar ties the game, and the crowd goes wild.  The Brazilian fans have their team back, but wait, why are they still playing so slow with so many missed passes?  Where is the defense? 

After much frustration, Fred comes into the field, and with perfect timing and wonderful acting skills, he literally falls after the Croatian defense touches his left shoulder causing the Japanese referee to call not only a penalty kick, but a yellow card!  What?! Oh wait, we are in Brazil, and it's Brazil...this allowed Brazil to score and finish the game by adding another goal on the last minutes of the game.  It was quite a controversial game with all the bad calls by the referee.  At least the referee was able to leave the stadium alive.

Now that you've seen one of the best national soccer teams in the world play the opener game for the 2014 World Cup, I hope that you enjoy the rest of the games.