Jun 16, 2014

Father's Day Weekend

June is such as busy month for our family  We celebrate not only Father's Day, but mom's, Cassi's (my wife's little sister), and my brother Diego's birthday as well.  So we get a lot of family time.  We first celebrated mom's b-day by going out for dinner.  The pizzas was yummy, with delicious fresh vegetables.

Mom's Birthday

Having fun at dinner with the fam.

And like always, everyone took turns holding the prince of the family.

Aunt Emily enjoying our spoiled nephew, Braxton.

Aunt Rachel taking her turn.

Mom opening her presents.


Celena and mom had been wanting to make cheese for a long time, and the day finally came.  After hunting down the famous Rennet (which we found at a small brewery store downtown, we had no idea what it looked like by the way).  Once we had all the ingredients, it was cheesemaking time!

The magical ingredients for cheesemaking.

The whole milk was first heated with the rennet and citric acid until it reached 90 degrees, then allowed to set.  The curd separate the whey and it was heated up again until it reached 105 degrees and...

Heating up whole milk with the magic rennet.

....and viola!

Why buy cheese at the store when you can make your own!

We then used this fresh cheese to make our dinner, paninis.

By the way, we are using our new camera...:)

Father's Day

We had a lot of fun visiting pops and enjoying using our new camera, Nikon D3300 to capture these beautiful memories.

Cassi and Braxton visiting pops.

Finally taking my turn.

Celena with Braxton.

There he is...posing for the camera.

Picture of the Week

Can dogs get a ticket for not using a seatbelt?