Jun 3, 2014

Road Trip!

We are going to miss Idaho. Mainly the summer weather not definitely not the winter.   Two more months and we will be in Texas...I think my wife is more excited that I am.   But before we leave, we want to take advantage of the beautiful area, so we decided to take a road trip.

We first went to EBR-1 where we learned about the first light bulb lit with atomic power...it was pretty cool.  We then stopped at Craters of the Moon National Park, were we looked at rocks.  After taking some geology courses, it was pretty cool to recognize some features.   We hiked up a hill that had a great view and of course...we had to do some yoga poses while we were up there.  Tony Horton would be so proud of me!
Yoga Pose!

Selfie with my gorgeous wife
We started to get hungry so we stopped at this place called the Kneadery in Ketchum, ID.  It was good; it was mainly a breakfast and lunch place.  
The Kneadery

Mom and Celena waiting for Bart after lunch.
We then drove to Sun Valley, where all the reach people go to ski, and ice skate as you can see in the background of the picture below.  Apparently famous ice skaters come here all the time.
Ice Skating rink at a hotel in Sun Valley, ID.

We're excited for more adventures before we leave Idaho.  I will post more what's going on in the Morales Family!  Thanks for reading.

Bonus Pics
Rebelling with our fake tattoos.
Mom hiding her Candy Crush addiction....at church! :)


Celena Morales said...

Hahaha, these sure are some good pics! Your warrior 4 or whatever that thing is called looks pretty cool!

Noe Morales said...

Thank you! It was really fun!