May 16, 2014


Welcome to my blog!

I'm really bad at keeping a diary, but I am good at using electronics and making good use of the technology around us. So I decided to make an electronic diary, a blog. Although I may not share all the details, I hope to share my thoughts, feelings, achievements, and other events in my life.

My name is Noé H. Morales, I am originally from Monterrey, Mexico. One of the largest cities in Mexico, and now, one of the dangerous places to live in. Which is why I am not there, but here, in the beautiful United Sates of America, which I've come to love and embrace since my family and I moved in 1997 to Houston, TX. It seems like a long time ago, and it is. So much that I don't remember much of what Mexico was like; I was 10 years old. Anyway, now I'm here, finishing up my Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering and about to head to Texas A&M for graduate school this fall with the love of my life, Celena, who I met at Brigham Young University-Idaho.  The person who changed my life and enhanced every part of it and have been with me for almost 3 years.
Now, I won't share all of my life here, just enough to get a glimpse of who I am. My biography will be on another part of this blog. 
So, here I go, blogging away. Thanks for reading this, hope you enjoy my future posts.

Our Engagement Picture, November 2011.

Isn't she gorgeous?! Guess who won the lottery? Este Chico!! (This guy!)